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Bamboo plantations in South India

While Bamboo has been a native plant in India for centuries, it has always been a wild species and domestication process never kicked in, unlike other South Asian countries. For example, in countries like China and Vietnam, hybrid species are developed and promoted for specific usage of the material. Culms that are straight and structurally strong are evolved specifically for Construction Industry and soft,strong fibers are developed for artisan work.

Bamboo plantation
Bamboo plantation

In this context, to propagate more of Bamboo in day-to-day use, it's important to ensure that sufficient raw material of the required quality is made available in the market which can become the input for entrepreneurs and professionals to provide solutions with. With this in mind, Bamboo Diaries has been promoting Bamboo plantations in collaboration with other institutions in Mysore region.

The soil and atmospheric requirements for a Bamboo plantation varies based on species. Bamboo Diaries works with farmers on this regard to suggest the appropriate species and facilitate the availability of good quality saplings and seedlings.

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