Bamboo Diaries

Bamboo Day - 16th April 2017

18.04.17 01:08 PM
After an hour of debate, we arrived at a consensus on the plan and structural design of the Demo unit to be built at BDC. A 9' x 14' rectangular structure that's simple and aesthetically appealing. Will send the proposed structure details shortly. 

The 30th April and 1st May weekend is earmarked for starting the foundation work. And hoping to finish the structure in a period of 2 months by working over the weekends.

Apart from Bamboo poles, the following materials and tools are getting organized: 

  • PVC pipes (8-10" dia 3 to 4 feet long) for foundation work 
  • Lime (a few bags) 
  • Cement (a few bags) - Idea is to experiment and compare side by side 
  • Binding wires 
  • Bamboo splitters 
  • Cutting and Grinding machines 
  • Hole saw - all sizes 
  • Machete 
  • Chicken mesh 
  • Nails, nuts and bolts 

All Bamboo Diaries members are welcome to join in in the fun and do bring any useful materials and ideas! If you haven't become a member yet, you can become one by paying Rs. 100/- on the day. 

And a hands-on workshop on Bamboo is scheduled for 7th may 2017. Details of the venue and topics to be published by next week. 

Creating an ecosystem around Bamboo in our part of the world requires more hands, more thoughts and more work. Lets come together to effect a Change in our lifetime!