Bamboo Diaries

Bamboo Day - 19 Mar 2017

19.03.17 08:27 PM

Today, Bamboo Lovers planted 3 species of Bamboo at the Bamboo Demonstration center. Gaudua Angustifolia, Dendrocalamus Strictus and Oliefera. While this may not be the right time to do planting, our Bamboo Demonstration Center host Sri Satish has agreed to water is regularly.

The treated bamboo load which was lying idle for 5 months at the BDC (Bamboo Demonstration Center) has been segregated. Next step is to be build a small Information center using it.

It was gratifying to see what a small group of Bamboo enthusiasts can accomplish in half a day.

Bamboo lovers assemble once in a month to touch and feel it, work with it, understand it and grow more of it. If interested, do join us on the 3rd Sunday of every month to spend a day working with and for Bamboo.

Assembling Point:

Bamboo Diaries

1137/A, Geeta road, Chamarajapuram, Mysore - 570005

For details, contact 99802 61767