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Bamboo workshop at Wayanad - Sep 2019

17.09.19 10:32 PM

A 3 day Bamboo workshop is organized at Kurumbalakota Hill during the month of September 2019.

In today’s Climate crisis, everyone is searching for answers for an alternative way of living. The recent spate of natural disasters locally and globally has made this search all the more essential and time-critical. Bamboo has been emerging as a vital material in building such an alternative system that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Its renewability and versatile nature is unmatched and the fact that this Grass grows in all the continents except Artic and Antartic makes it an emerging world phenomenon. However, traditionally, South East Asia has been a pioneer in Bamboo cultivation & usage. In India, Kerala and North East states are leading the way in promoting Bamboo.

This 3 day workshop is designed to impart skills on Bamboo weaving and Yurt making.

Yurt Making

Yurt is a traditional structure which has a robust and lightweight design. Participants are provided hands-on training to build a Yurt for themselves. The Yurts can be made for rehabilitation/refugee centers and other temporary structures. It can also be developed into a permanent structure, if desired.

Participants were made to do a model of the actual Yurt to be constructed. Once the concept of Parametric design is explained and understood, the final Yurt making was started.

Bamboo Weaving Training

The participants are also trained on the basics of Bamboo weaving techniques, which is taught by Ms. Valsala from Wandoor, Nilambur who has 3 decades of experience in Bamboo craftswork. This workshop is attended by Students, Nature enthusiasts and Bamboo lovers who believe in the DIY concept (Do It Yourself) - which is a basic tenet of Sustainable Living. 

The workshop also educates about the various species of Bamboo and their cultivation methods. Bamboo Diaries provides technical assistance in Bamboo cultivation and it strongly believes Bamboo cultivation is the ideal ecological solution to avoid natural calamities. 

Inspired by Uravu, a voluntary organization working on bamboo based rural livelihoods in Thirukkaipetta, Bamboo Diaries is facilitating a training program for the local Kudumbashree team called Punchiri to impart Bamboo Weaving skills for livelihood opportunities based on Bamboo. 

Gandhiji promoted ‘spinning’ as an economic empowerment skill for the downtrodden to imbibe an inclusive growth in the Country. Likewise, Bamboo Diaries strongly believe that bamboo peeling (Poli making) can become the Skill that can empower millions of rural women across the Country (Bamboo grows in almost all states of India and India is the second largest producer of Bamboo in the world). Like Khadi, if Bamboo products can be promoted in a big way, the ‘Make in India’ dream can easily come true. 

The future looks greener with this Green Gold.

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