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Bamboo Flowering in Wayanad

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

Bamboo is flowering in Wayanad region, again!

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Plant Nursery with Bamboo

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

With design infusion from INDE (Integrated Design), the below structure was built by a group of young men from the organization PUNARCHITH, led by a Solega Sri Mahadeva. The work was undertaken as part of an initiative called 'Angarika Maala' (a land restoration program with a long term perspective)...

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Bamboo Demo Center @ BDC

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

Day 04 - 14 May 2017

The morning session went in collecting of materials - 40mm and 20mm jally, cement, 8mm steel cage, Alum for fungal cleaning, cut granite stones. And second half of the day was spent in segregation of the bamboo poles and choosing the right ones for structural components.

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Bamboo Day - 16th April 2017

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

After an hour of debate, we arrived at a consensus on the plan and structural design of the Demo unit to be built at BDC. A 9' x 14' rectangular structure that's simple and aesthetically appealing. Will send the proposed structure details shortly. 

The 30th April and 1st May weekend is earmarke...
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