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Bamboo Weaving training to Women Self Help Groups in Kurumbalakotta, Kerala from 25th to 29th November 2019

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

Bamboo is not new to our Culture.

It’s only in the last 50 years, we have abandoned it and we are already seeing the effect of it. Landslides and Floods are becoming more common in hilly terrains. Replacing Bamboo and other grasses indeginous to the hills with commercial crops like rubber, arecanut,...

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Bamboo Weaving workshop at Wandoor village, Nilambur

Bamboo Weaving workshop at Wandoor village, Nilambur

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

A 3 day workshop was organized at Wandoor village, Nilambur for learning the art of Bamboo weaving. The trainer Mrs. Valsala has 3 decades of experience in making bamboo crafts and her dedication and passion showed in the training activities. In 3 days, she could make all the novice participants do ...

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Bamboo Day - 19 Mar 2017

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

Today, Bamboo Lovers planted 3 species of Bamboo at the Bamboo Demonstration center. Gaudua Angustifolia, Dendrocalamus Strictus and Oliefera. While this may not be the right time to do planting, our Bamboo Demonstration Center host Sri Satish has agreed to water is regularly.

The treated bamboo load...

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