Bamboo Diaries

Bamboo Day - 16th April 2017

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

After an hour of debate, we arrived at a consensus on the plan and structural design of the Demo unit to be built at BDC. A 9' x 14' rectangular structure that's simple and aesthetically appealing. Will send the proposed structure details shortly. 

The 30th April and 1st May weekend is earmarke...
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Bamboo Day - 19 Mar 2017

By Balachandran - Bamboo Diaries

Today, Bamboo Lovers planted 3 species of Bamboo at the Bamboo Demonstration center. Gaudua Angustifolia, Dendrocalamus Strictus and Oliefera. While this may not be the right time to do planting, our Bamboo Demonstration Center host Sri Satish has agreed to water is regularly.

The treated bamboo load...

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